Restructuring and Turnaround

Transition creates special demands even for an experienced executive team. Management can often address the needs associated with running the company, but not those associated with fixing the company, or, at least, not both at the same time.

Brincko Group has been leading successful restructurings and turnarounds for more than 30 years. By combining wide-reaching financial, operational, and management expertise with in-depth industry knowledge and executive leadership, we have developed a successful track record in achieving client goals in the most complex situations. Brincko Group brings a broad range of skills to companies experiencing the effects of unfavorable business situations. We work closely with corporate clients, lenders, investors, and creditors to identify critical business issues and implement strategies designed to maximize liquidity and enhance profitability. In this regard, we:

  • Develop and implement business plans and organizational structures to enhance operational efficiency and improve profitability and cash flow
  • Design, negotiate, and implement financial restructuring plans
  • Identify and obtain sources of short- and long-term capital
  • Provide interim operating and support management and staff
  • Provide lender, investor, and creditor services
  • Provide trustee, examiner, and receiver services
  • Provide bankruptcy claims administration and management services

Brincko Group has also established itself as a successful alternative for filling positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, and CRO at companies looking to stabilize operations and restore credibility while executing new or revised business strategies. These companies include:

Barneys New York
CalComp Technology, Inc.
Consolidated Freightways
Copeland Sports
Douglas Parfumerie
Franchise Pictures
Foremost Dairies
Globe Security
Knudsen Foods
Metabolife International
National Consumer Mortgage
Strouds, The Linen Experts
Sun World International