Loan Portfolio Review and Loan Workout

Brincko Group’s banking and financial services professionals perform detailed and insightful reviews of loan portfolios for due diligence, regulatory review, and credit monitoring purposes, and assist in the restructuring of loans and the recovery and disposition of loan collateral. Our loan portfolio review and loan workout services include:

  • Reviewing loan documentation for compliance with the lender’s loan specifications
  • Evaluating the grades assigned to troubled loans and the need for classification of additional loans within the portfolio
  • Assessing the adequacy of loan collateral
  • Conducting borrower reviews to ascertain ability to perform under the loan as well as overall business viability
  • Developing restructuring options for defaulted loans and loans to troubled borrowers
  • Negotiating loan restructurings with borrowers
  • Advising on collateral recovery options and managing recovery proceedings
  • Disposing of loan collateral