Brincko Group is an international management consulting firm established by John Brincko as Brincko Associates in 1979 to offer practical consulting advice in any number of varied business situations. The firm’s hallmark is the personalized attention and expertise that Mr. Brincko brings to each engagement. Brincko Group is highly implementation oriented, believing that the real value of effective consulting lies in the successful implementation of whatever recommendations or plans are developed early in the assignment.

Over the course of more than 35 years, Mr. Brincko and members of his team have served in a variety of senior positions for companies such as FLO TV, EMAK, Spansion, Barneys New York, Franchise Pictures, Consolidated Freightways, Jefferson Smurfit, CalComp Technology, Strouds, Mossimo, Vans, Sun World International, Knudsen Foods and Foremost Dairies. Additionally, the firm has provided a variety of consulting and advisory services to companies as diverse as Lockheed Martin, AIG, Qualcomm, Ernst & Young, International Paper, American Home Products, Norton Simon Inc., Grey Advertising, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, CBS/Fox, Fremont General and the Audubon Society.

Loyalty, trust and honesty are key to Brincko’s close partnership with clients. Once a mutual understanding is reached with a client about the nature of the problems to be analyzed and the feasibility of resolving them, Brincko develops a program tailored specifically to meet that client’s needs and goals.

The firm is committed to delivering results that can be measured against agreed-upon short- and long-term objectives and performance timetables. Regular and consistent reporting and communication are essential to the process of achieving satisfactory solutions to clients’ business problems.